Dallas Trip Recap

No surprise, we had a great time over the weekend. Lots of cool stuff to check out in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and here are some highlights / thoughts:

Stayed with Lisa’s parents, the DeLisle’s. Great people.

Watched LOST on their 60in 1080p plasma. In HD, of course. My 43in TV seems so lame now.

Played trains with Mikah on Friday morning. We built what is probably the best train track ever built by men. Seriously. We did.

Went by Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX and got into the C3 Conference for free. No kidding. We went to check out The Source for some Ed Young jeans and just walked into C3. As far as I could tell, nobody has wristbands or nametags so how would they know we didn’t pay?

A guy next to me in Urban Outfitters dropped his full Starbucks drink all over the floor, picked up the cup only, then walked off. Didn’t tell anyone on staff about it. What a jerk.

American Apparel is a fantastic tribute to the 80’s. Their store was exactly the way I would have imagined it had it existed 20 years ago.

Saw some really creepy people with fake blood and cuts all over them at Grapevine Mills Mall. I was going to ask them if they needed to go to the hospital but thought it would just play into their “game”.

Spent 2 hours in Forever 21 while Breanne and Lisa shopped. At least that location has guy clothes, I picked up some cool stuff for over 50% off.

Watched a girl drop her iPhone 30+ feet at Ikea. Chris picked it up, clicked the home button, still worked fine. That’s quality craftsmanship.

Paid $2 for WiFi at a McDonalds so I could run the Internet Campus experience on Saturday. Don’t pay for WiFi at McDonalds. It sucked. Big time.

Convinced Lisa we broke down on the way home and had to get a tow truck. She bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

So there it is. The Dallas trip in a 30 second recap. How was your weekend?