Guitar Hero III Replacement Disc

A few weeks back, I saw the support from Activision was finally addressing the issue of mono-only sound in the copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock for the Wii. As a guy who cares about his audio, I was ready for this disc to hit.

Last week, I finally received my replacement instructions via US mail. It’s pretty standard instructions, an envelope to send the disc back in, etc. One problem, though.

No replacement disc.

I am expected to send back my faulty copy, then wait for them to send me a new stereo sound copy. I will be without the game for 2+ weeks. This might be ok if it was an old game I didn’t really care about anymore, but we’re talking about one of the most popular games out for the Wii right now.

I guess after everything else they’ve done recently, including using mono sound in a music video game, they just don’t really care about the customer in the end. They already have my money, right? What else am I to do but send it back and wait?

Hopefully I won’t have to put up with the same crap when Rock Band comes out…