No Apple Parts?

I am in need of a new left I/O board for my MacBook Pro. I went to the Apple store and they diagnosed the problem, but also want to charge me $45 for it + $85 labor to install the part. I figure this is something I can do myself.

One problem. Apple won’t sell me the part by itself. I can only get it if they do the repair.

I went to a local Apple Authorized Reseller / Repair station that the Genius at Apple recommended to me. They won’t sell me the part either. I guess they don’t want my money unless there is an extra $85 attached to it.

Oh well. I found a reseller through a Google search and the part is on the way now. If I can install my own HD, how hard can an I/O board be?

At least I got a sweet case for my iPhone while I was at the Apple Store. Sure, it’s designed for the iPod Touch, but it fits, I can still use the camera and it looks good in my pocket. Better yet, it didn’t cost me a thing ’cause I used my leftover $100 credit.