The 2008 Reading Journey

When I was a kid, I read ALL THE TIME. When we planned our family vacations, we’d go to the library before we left and pick out some books to read on the road. Might sound nerdy, I know, but I really enjoyed it. Reading is just something I’ve always loved doing.

You’d think I would have an incredible amount of books racked up over the years. You’d also be wrong. As I got older, reading started to fall by the wayside. I probably read three books total in my 5 year career at Guitar Center.

The teener-tiner bookcase I have has a measly three shelves on it.

The first is taken up by small things like pictures, communion juice, a music box and other such stuff.

The bottom is job related with budget guides, administration stuff and an in-case-of-emergency flashlight.

The middle shelf is full of all my books. Some of which I have read, but most I have not. I have leadership books, biographies, works of fiction and more.

This year, I am setting a goal of reading a book a week. I know that might sound lofty, but I was reading about a book a month for the better part of last year. is really good on people development and I was given 10 or so books when I started that the team went through. It was a really great for developing me as a person and a leader.

Here’s the plan:

I have now separated my shelves into a section of books I have read and books I have yet to read. (Check it out HERE) I think with an hour a day focused on reading, I can achieve this goal. First up will be Under The Overpass by Mike Yankoski. I chose this one because I actually considered dropping everything a few years back and living as a homeless person for awhile. Just to see what it is like.

The journey will start on Monday, January 14th and continue through the next 35 weeks. That’s how many books I have to read and doesn’t count any I might pick up along the way. (Note: I really want to read Deadly Viper Character Assassins so if you have an extra copy, let me know!)

Let me know what you’ve read lately, or if there is anything I absolutely MUST read…