There Is A Stirring In My Soul

It happens when I’m driving in my car. It happens when I’m sitting on my couch. It happens when I’m least expecting it. God uses two ways (mainly) to speak to me. He uses music and movies.

I remember the first time. It wasn’t too long ago. The church I was attending was going through a rough time losing staff and attenders. One day I was pulling out of my apartment complex and “O Praise Him” by David Crowder Band came on my iPod. As soon as the chorus hit, God wrecked me. I felt him wrap his arms around me as I began to cry.

I heard him tell me everything we were doing was what he wanted. The direction we were going was right on. We just needed to keep it up. Have faith. Let him be in control. We’re doing what he wants.

If you’ve ever had him speak to you, you know how it feels. How it can’t be explained unless someone has had it happen to them. How you know it is his voice, his power surrounding you. It’s amazing.

The next time was right after I had been promoted to Operations Manager of the flagship store in my region at Guitar Center. I had been working toward this for 5 years and it was finally paying off. During my drive home one day (a mere two months after the promotion), God wrecked me again.

He told me I would be facing a change, a big one. And it was coming soon. Even though I knew this was going to change everything I was familiar with, I was open to it. I hope to always be able to see his call and accept it, no matter what.

4 months later, my wife and I moved from California to Oklahoma and I found myself at

Now, just over a year later, I find myself with this stirring again. What I am feeling from him is big. He has brought it to me three times now. Once while driving in my car, listening to “Wither/Ascend” by Stavesacre. The second time while watching “August Rush” in California. The third time was last week, while I sat on my couch, all alone, and watched “Into The Wild”. I can’t watch or listen to any of those right now without breaking down. (Yes, Branson’s, I hid my major tear fest from you when we watched August Rush)

This is going to take another step of complete faith in him. I am not going to reveal it here, just yet. I’m not even sure how long it will take before it happens. It will take much pray and faith with my wife before we can move forward.

Be praying for me and my family. Pray that we can follow him and know what his will is for us. Pray we can trust in him and know his plan for us. Pray we can make the right choices, through him.

Just pray for us. We really appreciate it. More than you know.