What I’ve Done

I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday. The last “big one” for ten years when I celebrate 40. It brought up a lot of thoughts about my life, my work, what I want to do, etc, and I found myself thinking about things I haven’t accomplished. Things I haven’t “done” with my life. I thought about how I’ve kinda wasted these first 30 years. I haven’t really “done” anything. Anything of value anyway.

Then I thought of how false that statement is.

I’ve done SO much with my 30 years on this earth, it’s hard to even put it all down. I won’t bore you with the more trivial things, but here are three I consider the most important. The things that, without my input, would change the lives of those around me forever.

In 2005, I got married to the most wonderful, beautiful woman ever; Breanne Nicole Blanchard. Seriously. I will fight you on this. My wife beats your wife in every way. Want to arm-wrestle over it? I’ll go over the top.

In 2007, we had our first child, Malachi Ethan Blanchard. Arguably, the best boy (soon to be man) ever to walk the face of the earth. He has qualities in him I never imagined kids could have. I love him to the depths of my heart.

In 2010, we had our second child, Presley Reagan Blanchard. I don’t even know where to begin on this little wonder. She has not even been out of the womb for a year yet and she continues to amaze me with the things she does every day.

I love my family so much and would do anything for them. It’s crazy how deep my feelings run for them. Feelings I didn’t even have on my radar pre-2005. I don’t know what my life would be like without them, and I don’t care to even think about it. They are my world.

I am so thankful every day for them and if I never do another thing in my life, I will be proud to say I did the things that mattered. Married the love of my life, and brought these kids into the world.


P.S. Jackson Blanchard is on target to be born July 11, 2011 and I am sure he will bring a whole new world of love and admiration to our lives. I haven’t met him yet, but I already love him know he will blow my mind with the things he does.