What I’ve Done

I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday. The last “big one” for ten years when I celebrate 40. It brought up a lot of thoughts about my life, my work, what I want to do, etc, and I found myself thinking about things I haven’t accomplished. Things I haven’t “done” with my life. I thought about how […]

Apps of the Day – Sunday April 10, 2011

Below are the apps I used on my iPhone on Sunday, April 10, 2011 Twitter for iPhone App Store Safari Mail YouTube Phone Dialvetica Mobile Mouse Pro Messages Podcaster Omnifocus Camera Camera+ Tiny Wings Glam Joe Settings Simplenote Instapaper Cydia Everyday After a few days of use, we can see I use pretty much the […]

Apps of the Day – Saturday 04.09.2011

Below are the apps I used on my iPhone on Saturday, April 9, 2011 Cydia Twitter for iPhone Messages SBSettings Camera+ App Store Dialvetica Photos Angry Birds (Seasons) Angry Birds Settings Safari iPod Mail Camera Omnifocus Phone Logmein Ignition Angry Birds (Rio) Poopdeck Glam Joe Facebook Everyday Malachi did use my phone on Saturday, as […]

Apps of the Day – Friday 04.08.2011

Below are the apps I used on my iPhone on Friday, April 8, 2011 Messages Cydia Mail Twitter for iPhone Safari App Store Mobile Mouse Pro SBSettings MyWi 4.0 Settings Phone Dialvetica Everyday Instapaper 1Password Google Voice OmniFocus Winterboard Simplenote Camera Google Maps Camera + A more business-centric day on Friday. Obviously, Malachi didn’t use […]

Apps of the Day

I started a new project a few days ago that documents each app I use on my iPhone, by day. Every day, my first and last used app is the Alarm Clock. In the morning, to wake up; in the evening, to make sure it’s ready for the next day. Because I do this, I […]

On Social Media

Each day on my drive in to work, I listen to AM radio. This morning, the crew on the show were talking about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and how they are directly contributing to the “dumbing-down” of America. I have a problem with this. To me, people who have this line of thinking really do not […]

Love Wins Live Q&A

Rob Bell is having a live Q&A session the day before his new book, Love Wins, comes out. I’m pretty interested in hearing the session, but it falls right during the time I commute home from work. What am I going to do about it? I’m glad you asked. I’m going to stream the talk […]