I was thinking about brands lately, and how many we use on a daily basis. How many we even have on our person, all the time. Myself, right now, I have the following brands:

Express Men, Mossimo, Titanium Era Jewelry, BL , Liquid Body Jewelry, Apple, Incase, Cross Pens, Prestige Alarms, Scion, Blockbuster,, Disney, Bank Of The West, Wells Fargo, MasterCard, Visa, Starbucks, Sam’s Club, Chevrolet, Promise Keepers, Axxess, Kwikset, SC1 and Cal-Royal.

That is everything, down to my keys and zipper.

These businesses spend plenty of time and money to get you to invest in their brand. Many times, though, I think we don’t realize how much time we put into our brand.

Not just the way you dress and how you look. It’s also about how you act. The company you keep. The things you do.

Too often, I can see myself investing in the wrong “brands”. I think many of us need to adjust our thinking. It’s not about what you have. It’s about what you do.

I hope one day, I can look back and say I did the best job I could with my “brand”.

What about you? What brands do you have on you right now? How does your brand look?

[HT: I think I originally got the brand idea from Joshua Blankenship, but I couldn’t find the original post.]