YouVersion Mobile

If you haven’t checked out yet, you’re missing out. Not only is it a great online bible, but it now has a brand new mobile version (launched today!) I’ve been using YouVersion as a tool for my daily bible progress, as well as in a personal blog journal where I can link to verses I go through. While it’s been great to use on my laptop, I do have to say, the new mobile version is great.

It has a clean interface, it’s simple to use and it looks sweet. Check out the screenshots below:

Standard Mode still looks great on the iPhone:

If you have a mobile phone with internet / data access, check it out at It’s a great resource for all your bible needs. I even had the chance to use it at a bible study last night. Pulled up Proverbs 18:21 on my phone before anyone else in the room could get to it in their bibles!