Two New Apps I Can’t Live Without

I love coming across new Mac apps. Especially ones as cool as Fluid and CoRD.

Fluid is a site specific browser that allows you to create web applications as a separate desktop application. Like me, you’re probably tired of having 10 tabs open in Safari and have to lose them all when one of them crashes the app. Fluid solves this. It works with Safari to create a standalone application to just one site, but still retains tabbed browsing, new windows, etc…So far, I’ve created about 10 new apps I will use on a daily basis.

CoRD is the big one, though. If you know how much I love my Mac, you’ll know how much I hate pulling out the Dell at work for rare occasions when I have to use a PC-Only application. CoRD is a Windows Remote Desktop Server which I can log into any machine here on the network and use it from my Macbook. It does away with me having to pull out the Dell at all and I couldn’t be happier.

Check out the above links for these two apps (did I mention they are free?), or download them below: CoRD.dmg