Sucking Less Every Year

You should be unhappy with code you wrote a year ago. If you arent, that means either A) you havent learned anything in a year, B) your code cant be improved, or C) you never revisit old code. All of these are the kiss of death for software developers.

Spot on.

2012: State of The State

I've been reading a lot of publishers around the web lately with their yearly update posts and thought it would be a good thing to look back and reflect on what has happened in the past year. Lots of changes have happened in my life and I'd like to take a few moments and bring everyone up to speed on where I'm at.


In January, I started riding my motorcycle to work. It was an insanely scary experience the first time I went, but I made it down and back to work with no issues. Riding a motorcycle is one of the coolest experiences I've had and I recommend it to everyone. It's amazing. Unfortunately, my bike started leaking oil a few months later and I haven't done much riding since August. I'm hoping to get the leak fixed soon so I can pick it up again.


In May, we stopped renting our small, two bedroom house and were blessed to be able to buy the house I grew up in, from my parents. It's amazing how much better it feels finally having some space to move around in again. We went from about 1000 sq. ft. to 2700 with plenty of room for the kids and us. It's nice feeling like I'm home again, but we've definitely made it our own.


In July, I accepted a position back in my local Guitar Center, ending my four year commute to various locations around Southern California. I'm glad to be back in my home store with many fellow employees I've known for many years. It's nice being closer to home, not waking up at 5:00AM, and getting back the three hours I lost in drive time each day.


In September, I began building world-class, custom made drums with the guys at Rockett Drum Works. We have some really awesome things we can't wait to show off at the 2013 NAMM show in Anaheim. If you're around for that, drop by the booth and say hello.


Lastly, and most unfortunately, in December, we found out we had miscarried. It was a very sad time, full of many questions, but we are hopeful that going forward, we'll be pregnant again soon and I'll be able to write about a new bundle of joy in the 2013 State of The State.


As for this year, I'm really looking forward to spending more time writing and blogging as well as writing some code. I also want to focus on being a better husband and father, and spend more time learning from and looking toward my Heavenly Father.


So that's it. I hope you've enjoyed this little update. On to 2013!


2012 Christmas List

I think at this point, there is only one person who reads this, but I’ll continue to post this list every year to make it easy for you, Kelli!

Here are the things I would most enjoy seeing under the tree this year:

Studio Neat – Cosmonaut $25 Wide grip stylus for iOS devices.

Studio Neat – Glif Plus for iPhone 4S $30 Tripod mount stand for iPhone 4S. (If ordering, please make sure it’s the Plus model and for the iPhone 4/4S)

Raspberry Pi Computer Board $35 Tiny circuit board computer.

Apple TV $89 Apple’s little black box of awesome.

Weber Charcoal Cubes $7.99 for 24 cubes Get the fire started fast!

Weber Charcoal Chimney $19.81 I’ve needed one of these for years, but have never picked one up.

DigiStore Spy Pen $25 Because, of course, why not?

Extra long iOS charging cable $12.95 For when it needs to be just a little bit longer.

FreeKey Keychain $7.95 Say goodbye to keys never coming off your keychain!

Jump From Paper – Play Hooky Bag $99 These bags look like toys, but are real.

Parker Straight Razor $17.99 Shark Straight Razor Blades $1.47 for 5 – OR – Merkur Safety Razor $33.51 Merkur Platinum Blades $6.23 The only way I will ever shave again is with a straight or safety razor. Old west, cowboy style.

One Year Later

It was a year ago today. July 7, 2011 at 1:43 PM. Jackson wasn’t due for another couple weeks, but my kids like to come early. I figure they have a whole lot of life and love to give and there’s no way they’re going to spend any more time cooking than they have to.

There’s a whole whirlwind of thought I still have going back to July 7 last year. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him. Think of what we could have done different. Would anything have mattered? I really don’t know. I’ll probably never get that answer. In a way, I’m ok with that.

The things I really have the hardest time with are the things we’ll never get to do together. Knowing we’ll never share a laugh together, he’ll never ask me for advice. I’ll never hold him as he cries and tell him everything will be ok.

I’ll never be able to look into his eyes and see his entire being staring back at me, trusting me to keep him safe and hold his whole life in my hands.

The greatest thing you can do with your life is be an incredible parent to your children and leave them a great legacy. All I wanted was the chance to give that little boy everything I had. I was ready to give him every ounce of love I’ve handed to his big brother and sister before him.

Losing my son was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, but my trust and faith in God was never stronger as I went through that time. All I had to rely on was my God, my family and our close friends. I am glad they were there to get us through.

Today, one year later, we celebrate his first birthday. An it is truly a celebration, knowing he is getting the most incredible birthday party with his friends and family in heaven. I can’t wait until I can be there to celebrate with him.

Jackson – We think about you, miss you and love you more than ever. I’m praying for you always.



Speculative Developers

Great post by David Sparks from MacSparky.

If you want to develop apps, take your time and make something awesome. Make it fast. Make it beautiful. Make something you’re proud of. Don’t make 60 crappy apps: Make one really good one

I totally agree and that’s what I’m trying to do.


Original post:

Feed My Starving Children

This past week, Journey Church hosted a Feed My Starving Children event. We packed over 124,000 meals for children around the world. We’d been planning the event for over a year and it was an amazing experience to finally see it being pulled off.

I created a short wrap up video of the event using my iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

Dear Jackson, (October 18, 2011)

I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. Lots of time spent on the road means lots of time to myself and my thoughts. I find so many things reminding me of you these days.

The past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things we never got to do together. All the plans I had for us. All the awesome things we could have done and created and thought and lived out.

It’s not just me, you know. Your big brother has been thinking about you too. He tells me all the time how he “misses his Jackson” and all I can say is “me too buddy, me too”.

I know you are in the most awesome place ever, so awesome we can’t even fathom it, but I still wish you were here. There was a lot of stuff I wanted to experience with you by my side.