Feed My Starving Children

This past week, Journey Church hosted a Feed My Starving Children event. We packed over 124,000 meals for children around the world. We’d been planning the event for over a year and it was an amazing experience to finally see it being pulled off.

I created a short wrap up video of the event using my iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

iOS vs Android

Can we stop with this debate already? Do people really think iPhone vs Android is the new Apple vs Windows? Does it even matter?

Even though Apple fell in popularity to Windows a long time ago, they have always made the better product. That is why Windows is now a carbon copy of Mac OS. The same applies to the smartphone battle of today.

Better product = happier, longer lasting customers.

Android might be beating iOS in smartphone sales now, but don’t forget Apple has also limited the iPhone to only one (current) model, and limited carriers around the world. What if that changed? What if Apple opened up iOS to any phone manufacturer who wanted it? My guess is they’d KILL Android. Don’t forget they also have the largest product launch in the history of time with iPhone 4, and also still hold 39% of the global market in gross profit.

When you look at those stats, even with Android at the top spot in smartphones sales, who wins?