I was thinking about brands lately, and how many we use on a daily basis. How many we even have on our person, all the time.

Friday Movie Quote

This week’s quote come from Into The Wild. The final scene with Emile Hirsch, playing the part of Chris McCandless, AKA “Alexander Supertramp”

Friday Movie Quote

This monologue comes from the final scene in No Country For Old Men. Tommy Lee Jones, playing the part of Ed Tom Bell, is speaking about the two dreams he had during the night.

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

I just finished the upgrade to WordPress 2.5 // For those not on RSS, will you please let me know if anything looks funky? I’d appreciate it…

There Is A Stirring In My Soul

It happens when I’m driving in my car. It happens when I’m sitting on my couch. It happens when I’m least expecting it. God uses two ways (mainly) to speak to me.

Rock Monster

This Saturday night, just in time for Easter, The SciFi Channel will be hosting the premiere of Rock Monster. If you’re like me, you just stopped reading this to set your DVR.

Faces Of Meth

We all know Meth is a dangerous drug. It can change a person’s entire life (for the worse) very quickly. What does meth look like? This: