My Grown Up Christmas List

Broken down by price, the ultimate gift guide: $0 to $10: CRKT Eat-n-tool Multi tool. This thing is just awesome. I can always be ready to eat and fix things – all the time. AND I can hang it off my keyring. $11 to $100: iTunes Gift Card. I want music from Safety Suit and […]


I’ve been working on a full redesign of the site lately, tinkering here and there. Most recently, I’m playing around with the Google Font Directory. I like a lot of the fonts they have there, and think it’s a cool way to use other fonts than the standard ones you see everywhere. Currently, I’m using […]

iOS vs Android

Can we stop with this debate already? Do people really think iPhone vs Android is the new Apple vs Windows? Does it even matter? Even though Apple fell in popularity to Windows a long time ago, they have always made the better product. That is why Windows is now a carbon copy of Mac OS. […]

The New Yorker iPad App

As if I needed another reason to buy an iPad *Note: Yes, I’m pretty sure I only want this app because Jason Schwartzman is the pitch-man.

My 28 Day iPhone Developer Journey

A few months ago, after seeking out the advice of a good friend, I bought a book. It’s called iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. I’ve been taking cracks at it here and there to get started, but as of today, I have decided to do a chapter a day. 28 (business) days until […]